How to add features to your pet?

Now almost every third person has a pet.And they are not just pets for us, but real family members.We buy the best food, clothing and toys for them.But not many people know that glitter for sale can make your pet stand out from others.

Glitter tattoo for pets is a drawing that needs to be applied by a specialist using glitter. This procedure is completely safe for animals, as a special hypoallergenic glue is used.The owner, who wants to make a glitter tattoo, can choose any pattern and color he likes. The glitter pattern can stay on the dog's body for more than 2-3 weeks.The advantage of a glitter tattoo is that it is waterproof, so in rainy weather the owners do not have to worry about the tattoo peeling off the dog's skin.If desired, you can get rid of the tattoo with alcohol.

Delight your pet with glitter!

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