Darwins Natural pet food

We named our company after Charles Darwin, whose work to understand what created the diversity of life on earth embodied this approach of being "Inspired by Nature, Informed by Science." We founded the company with a desire to understand our pets' natural and instinctive diet, and combine the latest scientific knowledge about pet nutrition and all natural ingredients to provide the best meal options for your pets.

Natural Selections™ Cat Food

Our premium raw gluten-free, grain-free cat food is hand crafted using only cage-free meats.

Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they have nutritional requirements that can only be met with a diet based almost entirely on animal tissue. This is why our Natural Selections™ cat food is 100% real meat and contains no animal by-products or fillers.

This gluten-free, wheat-free meal provides complete and balanced nutrition, and helps to ensure your cat lives a long and healthy life. All the meat that go into Darwin’s Natural Selections™ were raised cage free and are free of GMOs, steroids or artificial hormones. Available in duck, chicken and turkey.

Intelligent Design™ (Rx) Veterinary Meals for Cats

Our prescription gluten free and wheat free raw cat food formula is specially designed to support cats facing certain health issues.

Intelligent Design™ Veterinary meals for cats are specialized formulas designed to provide extra support to cats facing certain health issues. These highly palatable and nutritious meals use only hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and pesticide-free meats, with no grains, added fillers or chemical preservatives.

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