Nutro pet food

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Gastritis, bloody vomit, lethargy and a very sad, sick Lab...Not to mention VET BILLS! I didn't realize I'd been slowly poisoning my 8 year old Lab with Nutro. She's had increasingly severe symptoms and for the last 6 months has had intermittent bloody vomiting, lethargy, gastritis and has been very very sad. The staining on my carpet from the bloody vomit is minor compared to the expenses and worry I've gone through. My Lab's been on lots of meds and had been on the bland diet so many times that I buy rice & chicken in BULK now.

Yesterday was yet another visit (3rd one) to the Vet for a full exam and bloodwork. New Vet mentioned changing food, which drove me to check reviews online to see if anyone else was having similar issues. After reading the reviews, I looked back and realized that every time I withheld the Nutro, she improved. I'm 3 weeks into a new 30# bag of food, and she's been getting worse and worse since we got it. It's now going straight into the trash (along with the container it's kept in just in case whatever it is has contaminated the container). I'm going to tell every dog owner I know of my experience. Coincidentally, my neighbor's dog recently started having similar symptoms and they had JUST switched to Nutro.

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