Caring Features For Your Cute Rodent

Guinea pigs are cute pets. Under good conditions, they can live at home for about 10 years. Find out specifics of their pregnancy and delivery.

Facts about pregnant guinea pig:

  1. Females can reproduce as soon as they reach the age of 8 weeks, but it is better to wait until 11 weeks.
  2. On average, their pregnancy lasts 64 days.
  3. Most often, they give birth to 2-3 cubs, rarely up to 6.
  4. It is possible to determine the onset of pregnancy by signs:
  • no estrus;
  • noticeable increase in the abdomen;
  • changes in the genitals in the third week;
  • when feeling the abdomen, lumps are felt.

Guinea pigs are ready to breed for almost a whole year, since estrus occurs every 15 days and lasts for 2 days.

Image by Anjie Qiu from Pexels

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