blue buffalo pet food

BREAKING NEWS: Blue Buffalo Admits To Lying About Ingredients

Two weeks ago, I bought a couple of cans of the chicken and trout as described above (CT). My cats liked it. Those cans were from PetSmart. Last week, I bought four cans from Petco... and decided I would continue to get it, as it gave my cats variety in their meals. They ate from the new batch on Thursday morning, and by nighttime, I had three cats vomiting, with diarrhea, and in distress. One of them already is severely compromised because of Polycythemia, a rare blood disorder in cats. On Friday, another began the same symptoms. I rushed four cats to my vet who put them on an anti-emetic and anti-diarrheal medications.

One of my cats, a calico, had tasted the food but declined to eat it. She is picky, so I made nothing of it. She remained okay. I have a sixth cat, who, as an abused kitten, does not mix with my other five. This cat is now three years old but is quartered in one part of the house. She has no contact with the other five. She had eaten some of the CT on Saturday morning. At that time I had not thought of food poisoning. However, on Sunday, she began showing signs of being sick as well. Since she is isolated from the rest of my cats, it dawned on me that food poisoning was a consideration.

I contacted Blue Buffalo, identified the food and on the remaining unopened can, the numbers for QC, and requested a return call. There are still cans of this food at the Petco at Festival at Riva store in Annapolis, MD. I have called twice, without hearing from them. I am now quite sure, after reviewing this with my vet, that the batch is defective and has caused my cats to be severely ill. They are now beginning to recover, but four days of vomiting and diarrhea have taken a toll, especially on my cat who has Polycythemia and needs constant blood work to live. I don't want this to happen to anyone else, and Blue Buffalo has got to do respond and take appropriate action to remove this batch from being bought.

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