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Global Pet Food Outlet | Culver City | Retail | General | L.A. Weekly
4449 Sepulveda Blvd
Culver City, CA 90230

(310) 391-3330

So my wife and I and my 9 month old daughter Stevie went to get some chew toys and dog food for our new puppy. We have 3 dogs of all different sizes, the subject of "Proper diet and Nutrition" have ALWAYS been an issue. Should I buy puppy food? Should I get special softer food for our Maltese Poodle Mix? Our Puggle is 8 lbs overweight, "Put her on diet food!" It's always something . After an overwhelming day of finding out our Puggle has cancer again, we visited Global in Culver City and was greeted by Wayne. He was extremely knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor which helped cheer us up after the news. He spent quality time with us and helped answer every question my wife had, we didn't feel rushed at all, he was patient and really helped educate us on everything dog food and toys. We've been to this location before and I feel like the atmosphere is totally different and everyone had such great customer service. Coming from a business owner, I understand the importance of a great customer service. They really had the magic of making me want to come back. Thanks again to the Global team for making us feel like family.

Update After writing my last review I was contacted by the owner Bill who agreed that what I experienced was unacceptable. Asking for yet ANOTHER chance. I said OK I received a 20% off voucher and printed it. I went to the store today to redeem the voucher WHAT A JOKE The assistant "manager Pablo had NO CLUE how to process it. And when he did he screwed that up also. Instead of deducting 20%, he deducted $2.00 I pointed that out to him. He had no idea what to do. He got the "manager" Chris, who succeeded in crediting my card for the correct purchase price. After the fiasco this store has become I told him i should not even be charged for my purchase. He said that was not within his power and he had lots of other things to do. I guess keeping me as a customer was not one of them I WILL NEVER RETURN and I would avoid this store at all costs. Incompetent and rude from the top down. They do not deserve to be in business.

Really great store with a wide variety of brands. The staff are very friendly and helpful. I had to return a bag of dog food after about a week because it wasn't agreeing with my dogs stomachs. Wayne was more than willing and happy to assist me in exchanging the dog food for a better fit. I will definitely be coming back.

My GAWD, how their prices have SKYROCKETED!! I used to drive in from the valley, just to stock up on a couple month's worth of food, because they're prices WERE so good, but sadly NO MORE :(

I really want to give this place a great review. I hate going to the big chains, and want to support independently owned businesses. But they are ALWAYS out of the stuff I need, and I always get the 'it will be in on Tuesday' or 'we can special order it for you'. But they have plenty of space - can't you just order a little more so your customers can just come in and get what they need? And when I've special ordered things - half the time I never hear back, or it takes 2-3 weeks, or some other excuse. I've decided to move on for my pet food and supplies.

I have been going to Global since it opened years ago and during the first few years, their prices were pretty competitive. Their current personnel are always helpful and friend and their inventory of dog food and treats is terrific. I recently had an experience which prompted this two star rating. I buy a one pound bag of dog food at Global every two weeks (same price for the last three months - $22.99). I went in yesterday and advertised a special discounting $4 off a one pound bag, so I purchased two. When they rang it up, the price rang up to be $27.99 each and the cashier told me that the $4 discount was reflected in the price of $27.99, which meant that the original price would have to be $31.99 (a $9 increase per bag). I questioned the price and the cashier was doing his best to figure it out to no avail When I went back the next day with the prior receipt from two weeks ago evidencing the $22.99 price, they said the price went up (almost 40%), which was hard to believe. Luckily they have a great return policy. Just to be sure that my notion that the price seemed excessive, I researched and found the exact same product at Amazon for $21.37 and at Petsmart for $26.99. It is frustrating to think you're getting a bargain when a store is giving you "discount, " when you may not be getting such a deal.

Went into global pet food and saved some money thanks to jamie and she hooked me up with some free samples, the love was real

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