Pet friendly hotels along I 95

Pet Friendly Hotels in North Carolina Along I-95 | USA Today

Conveniently located off I-95 and SR 16 along the access road to one of the two big outlet malls at that exit but far enough from I-95 not to get any noise. Opened in 2008, so still "fresh." All rooms interior corridor.

Shower fans: this is a "green" room. There's a water flow limiter on the shower head and you cannot get that shower "blasting", just a gentle flow.

As a light sleeper, I liked that the waist-high refrigerator is behind a cabinet with door so the compressor noise is muffled. The TV is a 25 or 27-inch (maybe a 32) flat screen, but only about a dozen channels, one of which is HBO.

Our room, with two queens, felt a bit cramped because the end of one of the beds was right up against the desk chair and so there was only a small clearance unless you moved the chair, and there weren't too many places to move it to. (We normally have a King.)

The breakfast room is decent sized but because of large spacing between tables there are only 5 tables. But, we had no problem getting a table during the last hour of breakfast on a Sunday. Orange juice did not taste like it. Standard LQ breakfast items, including you-make-'em waffles, hard boiled eggs, pastries, four cereals. Coffee 24/7.

There's a private "business center" room just off the lobby with one Internet access computer and printer available 24/7 with access by your room key.

What will likely deter me from staying here again is that it is a "pet friendly" hotel. I saw at least 4 dogs, including a Great Dane, in the lobby during our one night stay. Now it was Labor Day weekend, but that is a lot of dogs and they were probably not all the dogs there, just the ones I happened to see. One of them is sure to bark and it is a smaller LQ. Sure enough, I heard one of those dogs barking in the early AM when I was trying to sleep.

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