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Best Pet Supplies, Inc: The Adorable, Affordable Choice for Your
Here's a look at some of the pet category winners in 2016's Best of Western Washington! Featuring: Best Doggie Daycare, Best Pet Photographer, and Best Pet Supply.

KING 5 Evening, KING

The staff at Mud Bay celebrates their win in 2016's Best of Western Washington.


If you're looking for high quality pet supplies, you can find just about anything at Mud Bay in Ballard.

Mud Bay began in 1988 and the original store opened in a building on Mud Bay Road in Olympia. It originally just sold about everything from oyster to pop tarts. With the business being on the brink of failure, Elsa Wulff, the owner of the original Mud Bay business, handed her business off to her children.

Her children, Lars and Marisa when handed the Mud Bay business pioneered natural pet care. They focused their time on researching nutrition for dogs and cats and searched for healthy and natural alternatives for canines, felines and other animals.

Today, the Mud Bay business is flourishing. With an abundance of locations all over Western Washington, they have over 450 unique formulas for pet food and a galore of well-made supplies from Pacific Northwest vendors for your beloved pet.

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