Axolotl for sale

Axolotl is a delicate urodelousof Mexican origin. It leads a nocturnal lifestyle; under appropriate conditions it becomes an ambistoma, which is a little forest predator.

A mature individual grows to 45 cm. However, most of these animalsreach sizesof 32 cm. Axolotl weighs about 285 g. It has a slightly elongated body covered by a subtle skin. This aquatic dweller is called a sea dragon, it has 4 tiny legs, an elongated tail. Its head is wide and eyes are dark brown or red, the mouth is large. It became famous for his charming smile.

In natural conditions, dark types of axolotls are common. Residents of artificial miniature reservoirs are mostly golden, peach-pinkish or light in color.

Aquarists like sea dragon, so the query “axolotl for sale” is very popular in search engines. It attracts attention with its unusually beauty. It is also well-known for its incredible ability to regenerate.

Image by LaDameBucolique from Pixabay

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