Coolaroo Elevated pet Bed

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed with Breathable Fabric, Large 51.1 x

Got the small for my standard dachshund for an outdoor resting spot. Easy to put together. Crisp and neat looking. He began using it on his own, no coaxing necessary.

Great value for the price

By Yiayia on

These beds are easy to assemble and perfect for outdoor use in southern states to allow air to circulate around the dog(s) to help to keep them cool. I bought one, loved it so much that I bought a second. Relative to size - the X-large is more than big enough for a very long and tall Irish Setter and oversized for a large lab mix and way too big for my medium sized lab mix. However, two of the three dogs often share one bed even when the other bed is available.

Great quality, dogs not too interested

By ChristyR on

I bout 2 different sizes for my girls because of the girls is a MAJOR chewer and rips the stuffing out of all the dog beds. My basset seems to be confused by these, I think because she's a heavier dog and she can feel the give in the bed when she hops on.she prefers to lay on a blanket on the hard floor. My chewer will lay on these, she alternates between the cot and the floor. Needless to say, I should have only purchased 1 because the other one doesn't get used, but that's an error on my part. Regardless, these are great cots and seem very well made.

Dog loved it, but not made to last

We are so sad! This is the second one we have bought and this one only lasted a week before it broke. We bought it again, because it is the only bed our dog will sleep on at night (and we have tried everything). He loves it, but the design can't hold his weight and the legs end up bending apart at the frame. If you have a German Shepherd, I don't recommend it.

Super comfy

By KodaBear on

Took a little bit to get used to (a week or so) from a traditional stuffed bed but love it now in the summer. Keeps me cooler at night.

Outdoor Lounge

By GracieLucy on

Well, the beds arrived. One girl is all about laying on the bed - the other, not so much. We'll see. The beds are just what was expected and we are very happy with them. I'm sure the dogs will be too as soon as they stop using it as a toy!

Nice Dog Cot

By 4Greys on

I ordered dog cots from 2 different manufacturers for my 4 greyhounds. The fabric on this cot is a loose weave and does not seem like it will last long. My dogs love the cots.

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