Custom pet Dog tags

Exactly What I Needed

Finally. A way to have my cat wear ID who refuses to wear tags and who has been able to remove all previous collars. This one is good quality, the lettering is large, clear and looks like it will last a long time, the safety snap works just right, breaking away if needed but otherwise staying on very well, especially for a cat with a history of removing collars within a few minutes. He has been wearing it now a few days and hasn't been trying to take it off at all! It's a huge relief because I just moved and really needed him to be identifiable if he ended up outdoors lost. — Jess

Great Collar

Third time buying an embroidered collar from them [GoTags] and they are great quality and the lettering is very bold and easy to see. However, one of the collars I bought had a weird measurement and in order for me to have a good fit for my dog the lettering is covered by the adjustment buckle thing. Otherwise I still give it 5 stars. I submitted a picture of my dog Flynn wearing a large blue collar with neon green lettering. — Cindy

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