Especially for pets canton

Especially for Pets - Canton, MA - Pet Supplies
424 Boston Post Rd
Sudbury, MA 01776
(978) 443-7682

here are reasons why i love especially for pets sudbury: *friendly, pet-loving staff *nail trim for your pup is a recommended donation to a local shelter/org *very clean store *lots of variety *great sales & discounts *grooming services at fair prices *training programs with knowledge experts our dog huck loooves visits to especially for pets!

We just moved back to the area after a 5 year absence and was looking forward to bringing our Doberman Fenway in to see his old friend Ernie. I was surprised to learn she had retired, I only learned this after waiting @ 20 minutes before I was waited on. During that time I noticed that the store was not as clean as I remember it was and I thought this was surprising since they had moved into a much larger store since I was last here, and to me it should be easier to keep clean. Also the UPC labels on the shelves didn't match the product, it was difficult to find the price of the food I was looking to buy. I asked to speak to the manager about this and the staff said that there is never a manager on during the night? Never in my life have I ever heard of a store not having a manager or assist. Manager on during the night! There was also another customer who had come in during that time to see about getting her dogs nails clipped and was told only the manager could do that and she is in only during day and sometimes on Saturday? Not the same store I remember, I will be taking my business elsewhere.

I've enjoyed each time I've gone to Especially for Pets. It was recommended to me from a friend, and then from the rescue that we adopted our puppy from. We've completed two training classes, and were very happy with the results. The trainer took the time to ask my specific questions. The classes have the potential to be pretty large and distracting, but it was good for socializing. The groomer is very nice and accommodating when I warned her that my puppy seems to have a HUGE aversion to nail trimming (shedding, panting, drooling, screaming), and she had some fair advice to try to help the issue. The rest of the staff is generally friendly and helpful, with the odd person being too distracted or spacey to really assist. Not horrible, though. They have a lot of great quality products, and the know-how to help you decide what's best for you.

You're killin' me, Especially for Pets! Despite filling out every survey the store throws my way, they've taken to getting rid of weekend puppy playgroups and making them truly inconvenient during work hours. So, see ya later 3-star rating! Ugh.

When I went in I was immediately asked if I needed help. The clerk then spent a good 10 minutes with me answering my questions, making recommendations and steering me clear of some expensive mistakes. They have my trust.

I refuse to buy anything at this store, in fact I will go out of my way or buy down the street at Unleashed in Wayland. This is due to the terrible customer service by the store manager Alicia at this location. I tried multiple times to order a harness for my dog. She kept telling me it would be here, and I kept coming back on Saturdays hoping it would arrive and it never did. The manager Alicia flat out lied to me saying she contacted the company to confirm the harness on the way. In the end I never received the harness, and bought it at another pet store. I do not recommend buying anything from this location, and I can't believe this woman Alicia could even be considered for a management position with such poor customer service skills. Rating this place one star is being kind for the circumstance I went through with the store.

I would bring my miniature schnauzer here for routine grooming and the women that worked there were SO SWEET. They were always incredibly patient, loving and genuinely excited to see my little muffin. I always knew she was in good hands whenever I dropped her off. I love this place and they put adorable mini handkerchiefs around the dogs necks after in various colors.

The staff is courteous here and do come around to see if you need assistance. They have a decent selection of pet food and litter for such a small store. The price of cat food here is cheaper than going to Petco. This place is definitely geared towards dogs with a little of everything else.

They store is geared towards dogs, but they have a little but of everything for other pets. The staff is very friendly and ask if they can help you. The prices are a bit higher than other places, but they have a better selection of items.

Love Jessica the groomer at Sudbury location. Very patient and talented! Works days during the week and for an appointment. She does an amazing job on my poodle!

Our dog enjoyed her grooming! Salon for dogs, I guess;-) Moving to a newer location on Boston Post Road soon.

These folks are incredibly helpful. I have two cats who have some "issues" and they were able to explain to me what was going on. I took their suggestions and now we are living in a "cat happy" zone.

I really like the store and most of the employees are very nice and welcoming. I would stay away from one of their dog trainers, Lisa Rockland, who is extremely arrogant and disrespectful. She has a lot of attitude and makes a lot of condescending remarks.

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