Holistic pet Vet

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11505-D SW Pacific Hwy
Portland, OR 97223

(503) 293-6666

Great vet! My two urchins had been suffering for several years with skin and ear issues that many trips to other vet(s) and lots of injury to my wallet couldn't fix. I finally found this holistic practice and learned so much about food, nutrition, and the best approach for healing the issues my pups have. Dr. Erika Halle spent a considerable amount of time with me answering all of my questions, examining my dogs and providing a plan suitable for them specifically. I didn't feel the least bit rushed nor did I feel as though I was being led to buy anything I didn't need. The cost of the examination and medications was on the high side, but the knowledge I received was invaluable. The vets here really care, and the well being of your pet(s) certainly seems to be their top priority.

The techs and staff are all very personable, helpful, and sweet. The doctors provide comprehensive and intelligent care, with clearly just the best intentions for your animals. It's nice to go to a veterinarian that understands feeding raw. Our last doctor had no clue.

I loved our vet and the holistic philosophy they have, but the front desk staff ruined it for me. They weren't super friendly, and most importantly, they called me MONTHS after my puppy was supposed to come in for a vaccine booster (that they never told me about). And I had to call THEM multiple times to find it about his blood work :/

We've been coming here since before they moved to Tigard. Excellent, thorough, compassionate care. Teeth cleaning without anesthesia is a real plus.

Dr. Erika is so knowledgeable and always takes the time to answer my questions. She's taken great care of my bassets and I'm so grateful to have found a holistic veterinary clinic close to home. The staff is great and they offer a great selection of treats and food.

My first encounter with this office was when I had to put my 19 year old cat to sleep. I had just moved here from California and my Vets there incredible. I researched and researched because I knew the time was getting close. I took their reviews on Yelp to heart and made the appointment. Everyone from the office staff, nurses and the Doctor himself, Bob Ulbrich, were very professional, caring, and gentle with both myself and my Cat, Freckles. A few months later I got a puppy and there was no question where I would be taking my little Bolognese, Figgy. These folks really take an interest in your pet. If you are searching for a Vet you should give them a call. Judy Happily living in PDX

I have a cat with asthma. I am so happy I found Holistic Pet Vet Clinic. With supplements in her food her asthma is kept under control. The staff is welcoming and helpful.

This holistic clinic is really one of the best. My 15 year old dog was having hind leg problems (could hardly move his legs) and with chiropractic care and a supplement he is back to 100% in less than a month. I have only seen Erika Halle and she is wonderful.

I took my dogs there for several years and they have had a big turn over . Staff are not knowledgeable and unprofessional it's almost a Circus amosphere now at the place . They messed up on charges and now they are holding my dogs blood and won't send it out and they are the ones that made the mistake. Even talked to office manager. She was clueless and stated if I wanted the blood sent out I had to pay. I can no longer recommend them.

A whole other approach to vet care-totally different than conventional vet care- I would call it naturopathic med for my dog- cut the meds eat the right food. -some natural supplements- much less vaccines and pharmaceuticals- so far so good. itching down 90 percent with more energy- a different vibe from the whole place- rennee= the assnt manager explained the program when I called. it wasnt a sales pitch- Dr. Ulbrich has been doing this a long time- he's a relaxed intellectual who probably has grown weary with the ignorance of the world-He was patient enough and explained the basics to me on health care dealing with the underlying problem not a quick fix w/meds. He started out as a regular vet and saw how things weren't being solved- he studied homeopathic vetting afterward and it changed his world and the world of our pets- read two books since I was here- they say the same "crazy" stuff he said. imagine that- made me remember how the pharmaceutical industry hurt me- damn I wished I had thought of this sooner. thank you folks at holistic vet. As I said so far so good- the whole environment was also so much less stressful for me and my "Rosie"

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