Most cuddly pets

invision-pets-36For many of us here at InVision, one of the best things about being a fully remote team is that we get to spend all day with our furry (and a few scaly) friends.

Meet the pets of InVision:


“Bean can go from 0 to 100 and right back to 0 all within a matter of minutes. As you can see, she’s incredibly passionate about food in any form.”

–Erin Haggerty, Sales Development Representative

Zsa Zsa

“A few of Zsa Zsa’s favorite things are Cher, diamonds, and rosé.”

–Caely Montgomery, Customer Success Manager


“Misty was left for dead, tied to a tree. She was 300lbs underweight when rescued. Now she’s healthy, happy, and mine.”

–Heather Roberts, QA


“Edward is a lovable Westie who reluctantly shares the same name as a famous fictional vampire. Hobbies include chasing squirrels, rolling in fox poo, and critiquing designs. When not covered in the aforementioned poo, he’s also great for a cuddle.”

–Andrew Cullen, Product Designer

Gracie Loo Dobiebutt

“Gracie worries for people who sneeze. She will jump up, find whoever sneezed, and sniff them to make sure they’re okay.”


“Whenever I go outside, I spend my time hunting for rodents, birds, and other cute fuzzy creatures. I proudly leave them as presents for my owners.”

–Joshua Siok, Senior Software Engineer


“Lucy wiggles uncontrollably when she’s excited, which makes coming home the most amazing experience in the world.”

invision-pets-34–Ben Nadel, Co-founder and Senior Engineer

Jackson (AKA Jack)

“Jack will meet someone and 3 seconds later flop into their lap for snuggles.”


“Franny loves frozen carrots and stealing socks.”

–Kristin Hillery, Contributions Editor


“Bentley spends his days on a farm with pigs, cows, and horses. He’s more comfortable with goats than people.”


“Rex loves sleeping, Puppuccinos, and long walks on the beach.”

–Andy Smith, Sales Team


“Olive loves to chase the dogs around the house. She is why we can’t have nice things.”

Chickadee and Angus

“Chickadee insists on getting between my computer and me while I’m trying to get things done, and Angus just wants to play all the time.”

–Mike Waecker, Marketing Operations Manager

Miles and Murphy

“These 2 orange floofs were feral when I started fostering them. They make me laugh every single day so I kept them.”


“When she’s not climbing mountains, she’s climbing trees, climbing on the back of the couch, and climbing on windowsills… basically she’s part cat.”

–Kayleigh Karutis, Content Strategist


“Sammy enjoys his daily walks, dancing for treats, and trust falls into my lap. He definitely thinks he’s a cat that can bark, and he loves his family of felines.”

–Elizabeth Brookshire, Customer Advocate


“Theo is the most affectionate cat I’ve ever had. He wants to be in your lap 24/7.”

Chewie Puppychulo Sotomayor

“Chewie knows the corresponding hand signals for all his commands and speaks a little Spanish. His favorite treats are fortune cookies.”

–Shakti Sotomayor, Social Media Marketing Manager


“Chester enjoys cuddling, hiding shoes, watching sunsets with his girlfriend Phoebe (the beautiful pitbull next door), attacking pant legs, and the occasional Starbucks run.”

–Jennifer Aldrich, UX & Content Strategist


“Ludo is a gentle giant who still thinks he’s a lap dog — he constantly tries to sit on my lap while I’m working. He’s very food-motivated and will do literally anything for a bite of whatever you’re eating.”

–Lindsey Campbell, Product Manager


“Signy broke her leg when she was 6 months old, and we were told she might never walk normally. Luckily she healed perfectly, and loves to hike and run. She knows she’s special (and expensive…)—just look at that expression!”


“Half Beagle + half Boston Terrier = maximum hunting efficiency, maximum energy, maximum chewing. And she snuggles like a pro.”

–Shawn Grigson, Senior Software Engineer


“Bear likes to give everyone a sad face so they give him a treat.”

–Tyler Stratton, Customer Success Manager

Izzy and Louie

“If we’re not sleeping (which is 95% of the time), we’re adventuring. Here we are roaming a field in beautiful Lake Tahoe. Luckily, we get to go often since Mommy works remote.”

–Ali Copriviza, Sales Development Representative


“Callie is the best first dog you could ever have. She is super loyal and never has to be on a leash because she will never stray too far from me. Her favorite thing is hiking, so the lack of leash works out really well! I just wish she could have had a litter of puppies, because she would have been the best mom ever!”

–Sara Dunnack, Cyber Security Engineer

Frida Kahto

This is Frida, named for her strong brow. She likes to play, but she’s also very elusive. Frida keeps me awake all night by scratching and knocking on doors. I like to think she can see ghosts because she is always sitting around intently staring at nothing.”


“Cookie is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. Although she loves cookies, she doesn’t discriminate against food. She eats everything she can find!”


“Rue is as cuddly as she is cute. If she isn’t cuddling with you on the couch, you can usually find her under a blanket, or trying to cuddle with her big sister Callie.”


“Mortimer (Morty) is the newest member of the family at 8 weeks old. We found him under our house and after making sure he wasn’t someone else’s, we decided to keep him. He loves to play with Sammy the dog and is very outgoing and intelligent. We can’t wait to see if those blue eyes are here to stay!”


“Reese is the newest addition to my office, and got his name from my nephew due to his cool orange color.”


“Kiki’s favorite pastime is sleeping. Other hobbies include: finding the sunniest spot in the house, moving food from the bowl to the floor, and lounging on all the furniture.”

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