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I used to come here all the time as a child, and it has changed. I recently went here to purchase some tropical fish, as well as re-live some childhood memories.

I entered the store and began looking around like I did as a child, always entertained by the assortment of animals. I went to the fish section and was sad to see the Betta fish that were kept in their own little cups, just like at the larger chain stores. They were also selling the tiny 1/2 gallon kits for Bettas, when any experienced fishkeeper can tell you Bettas need atleast 3 gallons of water that is also heated. I was saddened by this, but not as much as what happened next.

I found the fish I was searching for and was astonished at the price of 3 for $10, however, I read online that they were 'rare' and took this to be a good deal. When I went to find an employee they had all but disappeared, I had to go to the reptile section to find someone, just for him to go off looking for the fish section employees. I purchased 6 for the price of $20. The fish died the next day, and my aquarium is established and cycled. When I later went to a larger chain store to look around, I found the same species of fish for $1 each!

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