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Location and Hours | Pet Network Humane Society - North Lake Tahoe
401 Village Blvd
Incline Village, NV 89451
(775) 832-4404

Adopting our puppy was an amazing and easy experience all because of the employees and volunteers. We were blessed to get one of the cute "C Puppies" from early 2011. We have only adopted one dog from here but will forever be thankful for the Pet Network.

This place is amazing! They certainly take the animal's well-being into consideration. Knowledgeable staff answering phones is always high marks on my board. I'm very excited to be adopting my little girl. Still not weaned...sure wish she does soon! I will be training my new companion to be my loyal service dog. She will be loved and spoiled completely!!! :)

I just came back from Pet Network where I had planned to leave my two cherished dogs for daycare. Their usual place in Truckee was booked up so I had to find another option, a problem I thought I had dealt with yesterday once I discovered the lack of availability in Truckee. At that point I dropped in to Pet Network because I couldn't get anyone on the phone, interviewed two staff members, one of whom seemed very slow mentally. I told him that one of my dogs needs special treatment and should not be placed in a "pack, " which is what they call the large group of dogs they have there for day care and which, in spite of what most dog behaviorists would say, they let run together. He repeatedly questioned me about whether she actually needed this special treatment or not. I insisted that our prior experience showed she did, and I asked again if it was possible to accommodate her with no group play. He finally said yes. Not feeling great but up against an intractable problem, I arranged to have the vet records sent to them and planned to drop them off the next day. This morning I tried to drop my dogs off. No one came to the desk for 20 minutes while I rang and rang the bell at the desk. I had paid a nonrefundable deposit for golf in Sierraville so I waited longer. Finally I decided to leave, and then of course someone came out from another door and started to close the gate behind me, saying "The pack is coming through here." Turned out that the slow young man I talked to the day before didn't have his beeper with him, so he couldn't hear my repeated rings for help at the desk. The whole process took so long and revealed so many ways in which my dogs could be ignored or mistreated that I decided not to leave them. I sacrificed my deposit for golf (which was sizeable): lesson learned. Never, ever coming to this place again.

great group of people running the facility. very friendly and helpful and knowledgable

great people working with great animals., how could you go wrong !! adopt a best friend now !

This is a very well-run no-kill shelter where animals are able to comfortably hang out until their furr-ever homes are found. Over the decade that I've lived in this town, I've had occasion to do dog training here, use their veterinary services and occasionally even board my dog(s) here. Always very professional and caring staff with a good team of volunteers.

They euthanized our dog and accused us of animal abuse. Kuma was 14 years old and only had a few days left. We were attempting to make it as comfortable as possible for her while keeping her contained. Well.. she got out and because she was so old, they assumed we were not giving her the attention she needed, whch is B.S. we have had her to the vet twice in the last six months to make sure she was not suffering too much. The woman that makes these calls for the pet network has a reputation around town for ruthless behavior. We sure feel victimized!

THIS IS ALSO THE HUMANE SOCIETY IN INCLINE VILLAGE!! I really wanted to adopt a dog here but just couldn't find the right one. Eventually I found the right dog (it's been a few days and I hope he's the right dog!) for me at the Humane Society in Reno. Their boarding rates are a bit higher than most places in Reno by around $7 a day, but 100% of their sales go to help homeless animals so the cost actually is worth it :)

The Pet Network was great! We boarded our English bulldog there while we were visiting Lake Tahoe. Everyone was really friendly and they took great care of my dog. I would recommend them!

I love pet network ! They're great! My best friend used to live there for awhile. He's great too! The people that work there are very nice!

Pet network is a great place to drop your furry friend off when you can't be with him/her. The employees are friendly and take great care of your pet. Also, they are very flexible in emergency situations!

This place is awesome - really genuinely caring staff and fantastic dog boarding facility. Caleb is wonderful and really gives your dog personal attention, and Summer (one of the shelter employees) is highly knowledgable as well as the cat expert of the place. Their vets, Dr Kelly and Dr Hess are highly educated and they rock!

There is no place on earth better than Pet Network Daycare AND Boarding services!!! My little Jack has separation anxiety and goes to daycare 3 days a week here - every week. He LOVES it! Each morning, he enthusiastically jumps out of my car and runs into the building - I can't even keep up with him he runs up so fast! I know - 100% without a doubt - that Jack gets lots of personal attention from the staff and he comes home pooped out so I know he's getting plenty of exercise and fun. Many times when I come to pick him up he's out in the generously-sized backyard, playing with his friend Nemo, a cute little pug. The personal touches by the staff are above-and-beyond. Just yesterday I was complaining about Jack's breath and Caleb, the Boarding Manager (and extraordinarily great guy), came up to Jack with some little treats for just such a condition. Billie and Kyle and Maria and all the staff treat Jack like royalty. Sometimes when I come to pick him up, he's so busy having fun, he's not even ready to go home - like last night, when he was cuddled up on the chair behind his human best friend - the best vet in the world - Kim Barnes. I travel quite a bit and Jack has stayed for several nights, many times. I'm a terrible worrier, but I never worry a minute that Jack isn't being taken care of just like I would take care of him. He sleeps in his own little bed that I bring and they give him his meds (one time I forgot his meds and THEY reminded ME before I was all the way out of town)! In May, while he was in daycare one week, they even did most of Jack's training to ride in a roll-aboard case for airplanes so I could take him with me on an extended trip. More than just pet support, the staff at Petnetwork have really helped me this last year, particularly when I thought I might have to give Jack back because I was having trouble dealing with his anxiety behaviour. They've given me LOTS of advice, moral support and "human training" - no fees, no charges, no guilt - just all the support I needed to be a successful pet owner ... BECAUSE THEY CARE. There are MANY pet sitting services on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe, and several vets too. NONE of my friends use any other service than Pet Network, and I'm right there with 'em. There isn't anything not to love about Pet Network in Incline Village. They're the BEST!

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