Pictures of Palace pets

Picture: Vase depicting the Battle of AusterlitzNymphenburg Palace
The access is possible; the first floor is accessible via lift.

Marstallmuseum with Museum of Nymphenburg Porcelain
The access to the Marstallmuseum (ground floor) is possible; the Museum of Nymphenburg Porcelain on the first floor is accessible via lift.

Amalienburg, Badenburg, Pagodenburg and Magdalenenklause in the palace park
The access to the Amalienburg and the Pagodenburg is possible via ramp. The upper floor of the Pagodenburg is only accessible via a narrow staircase. To reach the interior of the Badenburg and the Magdalenenklause several steps are to be negotiated.

Photography and filming

Taking pictures for private use (only with the usual hand-held cameras and without light and tripod etc.) does not require a permit. Photo and film shootings taken for further use as well as the flying of drones / multicopters are basically subject to approval and charges. Here you will find information on photography permits / film permits.

Bulky items

Bulky items may not be taken into the palace. Lockers are available for large bags, rucksacks etc. No liability can be accepted for items deposited in lockers.


Dogs and other pets are not allowed in any of the buildings. They may be taken on leads into the park.

Food / beverages

Food and beverages may not be taken into the museum rooms.


Free wi-fi is available in the cash desk area of Nymphenburg Palace and at the park entrance to the right of the palace.

Gondola rides on the central canal of the palace park

Picture: © Astrid Schmidhuber

During the summer season (April to mid-October), gondola rides are offered every day from 10 am (in fine weather) on the central canal. The rides last around 30 minutes and cost 15 euros per person (children under 7 accompanied by a parent go free).

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