Pompano pet Lodge

Pompano Pet Lodge, Fort Lauderdale, Florida - YouTube
The Best

The BEST boarding facility in Florida.or should I say World Wide.It is not even a boarding facility.its a Doggie Vacation Resort! My dogs have been going there for about 7 years now.
They start going craaaaazy when we turn down the street it is on, and drag us up to the door. They Love it there! I get to watch them 24/7 on webcam and even get pictures of them in the pool and with other campers.
Both of my babies have issues. One is EXTREMELY scared of thunder storms due to some brain damage from being abused before I got her. She gets very destructive. One of the first times she stayed there was a bad storm in the middle of the night and she was very scared.Someone who worked there, actually went there in the middle of the night and layed on the floor with her. They have made several major accommadations for her to be comfortable during these storms.. I can go on vacation and feel confident that she will get the best care and most of all love.
My other baby is a one person kind of dog, They have worked with her to come comfotable with the staff and other dogs there.

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