Tamagotchi pet

Tamagotchi originals, seen here from the 1990s, are making their return thanks to a Japanese toy giant. (ATSUSHI TSUKADA/ASSOCIATED PRESS)


A blast from the past is back — and the egg-shaped gadgets arrive just in time for Easter.

Japanese toy giant Bandai has re-released original edition Tamagotchis, the oval digital pets that kids adored and that drove elementary school teachers worldwide nuts in the 1990s.

Remember? If you don’t, your kids do.

The virtual pet in the toy hatches from an egg and depends on you to care for it and feed it by pushing buttons on the plastic plaything. And to feel rotten when you realized that you stink at caring for anything besides yourself.

It became one of the biggest toy fads of the 1990s and early 2000s. Some 76 million sold globally.

But any pocket pet aficionado knows that those can’t compete with the egg-cellence of the orginal handheld gizmos. This is the first relaunch of the first game. And the original six pixilated characters are back.

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