What pet is right for me?

What Kind of Pet is Right for You? - Quiz - Zimbio

Animal shelters and rescue groups have animals of all kinds available for adoption.
But before you get your heart set on a particular kind of critter, it's helpful to consider all of your options and think about what type of pet will best fit your lifestyle and personality. Click on the links below to learn more about different types of pets that are available for adoption.

Then visit your local shelter to learn more—shelter staff and volunteers are trained to help match people and animals.

Types of pets available for adoption

Click on each link below to learn more about the types of animals that are typically available for adoption at animal shelters and rescue groups to see if you make a good match.

Older, wiser pets

Pets who are all grown up might not seem as fun as a kitten or puppy, until you consider that mature pets are typically easier to care for, already trained, and may have less demanding exercise requirements than younger animals. In addition, adoption fees are sometimes lowered for older animals. Read more about adopting mature pets »

Mixed breed or purebred

Even if you have a particular breed or temperament in mind, be sure to check out the mixed-breed animals available for adoption. You might surprise yourself by finding an animal who has a unique and delightful combination of qualities.

If you have a particular breed in mind, be sure to check animal shelters in your area first. If you can't find what you're looking for, you might be placed on a waiting list for a particular breed. Animals are relinquished to shelters every day, so the kinds of animals offered for adoption change frequently. You might want to ask your local shelter if there are rescue groups in your area that specialize in the breed you are looking for—you can also search for available pets at shelters and rescue groups online at Petfinder.com or theshelterpetproject.org.

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