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Pet Friendly Lodging Hotel Suite Resorts Inns Dog Friendly

If you consider your pet part of the family, and cannot imagine a vacation without it - we make it easy for you! Lanier Islands is now pet-friendly, so as long as 'Fido' is under 75 lbs, he can enjoy the road trip and our pristine resort setting with you.

We’ve got your pet-friendliest North Georgia lodging available at Legacy Lodge, the LakeHouses at Legacy, and of course, our campgrounds at Shoal Creek, Chestnut Ridge, and Blue Ridge.

There are more than 20 miles of walking and hiking trails, full of gorgeous scenery and wildlife here at the Islands. Why not take your furry friend on a beautiful walk under blue skies? Or you could grab a couple life vests and head on out to Harbor Landing to rent a pontoon for a full day of fun on the lake! Our Island Skimmer Pontoons and Standard Pontoons are pet-friendly, too! Treat your best friend to an exciting new experience. Your pooch pal will love seeing leaping fish, snapping turtles, gliding herons, geese and ducks, and even graceful deers on the shoreline.


Q: Where can I stay with my pet?

A: Our pet-friendly accommodations include rooms at Legacy Lodge, the LakeHouses at Legacy, and our campgrounds.

Q: Does it cost anything to stay with my pet?

A: There will be a $75 fee per stay for each pet. This fee will not apply to guide dogs or assistive dogs.

Q: Is there a size limit or breed restrictions?

A: Pets must weigh less than 80 pounds. There is a two pet maximum. We gladly welcome all well-trained breeds.

Q: What should I do with my pet while I'm in a meeting or enjoying lunch?

A: Pets left unattended in the guest room when the guest leaves the hotel premises must be secured in a proper pet crate or carrier.

Q: Can I bring my pet with me everywhere?

A: Unfortunately no. Due to health regulations, your pet cannot join you in any of the Food and Beverage Outlets, the Pool, Fitness Center or LanierWorld (Family Fun Park, Big Beach or Sunset Cove). However, there are miles and miles of walking trails available for you and your pet, and our Island Skimmer Pontoons and Standard Pontoons at Harbor Landing are pet-friendly as well.

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