Pet Supplies Plus Bedford, NH

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1665 Vfw Pkwy
West Roxbury, MA 02132
(617) 323-4076

Been going to the store for a few years. I find everyone really nice and most of the time they carry what I need at good price. I have a big male hound that believe it or not is a picky eater. Today I went in and they did not have my brand of dog kibble in Beef in the giant bags. I really didn't want to have to get the little bags because it really jacks it up price wise I went and got the manager Dave and he really helped a guy out. He asked me how much I had left at home and I told him that I had unfortunately none at all. He addressed that issue by giving me a discount on a small bag and then assured me it would be in just a couple days and that he would contact me to let me know for sure it was in. I was about to go and just buy it elsewhere but because of the nice gesture and such honorable service I took his offer. Being real and having a nice smile goes along way to keeping customers.

This store went downhill. I visit here regularly. Each visit is a nightmare. There's a few staff that's very nice. Others, not so much. The store has pallets and carriages of trash located throughout the aisles. I always visit the animals and they were very neglected. No food or water for the majority of them. The reptiles were waterless. I really wish pet stores would stop selling pets. Especially if they lack caring for them. A lot of their fish were just floating around as well. As for prices, I've noticed a few things that I buy go up in price. Sometimes you get a really good price. It's really hit or miss.

Living in Westwood, this is my closest Pet Supplies Plus store. For the store it is, they have done an overwhelmingly well job keeping it clean, organized, and trying to keep the year's old space along the VFW Parkway look new and exciting. However, to be completely honest, the Brockton location is miles better. Even though it's sort of strange, I ended up making my first visit to any Pet Supplies Plus store at the Brockton location earlier this year (how have I not come here before that!), and after that I've been wanting to stop by this location, as the prices are so much better, and the store is spectacular (well, the Brockton one is.). This store is many, many years older than the Brockton store, and is not renovated and not nearly as beautiful. It also has a bit less variety and doesn't carry some of the products the other does, yes it has all the basics and more, but when I stopped by a lot of the places for items in the dog section were either empty or simply didn't exist. Staff are extremely friendly here and helpful, and really are trying, but the old space is really just too much for them to handle. Prices are great on everything, and if that's all you care about, go for it. Always less than Petco or Petsmart, and the service always seems to be faster. This is fine when one needs something quickly and doesn't want to go far, but definitely consider checking out the Brockton location if you prefer newer stores with larger inventory. For now, this one is fine, but hopefully one day, it will move to a new space, or complete a full renovation and add all of the products it doesn't currently have. 4 stars for the W Rox Pet Supplies Plus.

I want to highlight that attention and focus on the customer that the staff at this location exudes! I want to keep this short but also acknowledge the level of service that I and my family have received in general! In particular, JB, Kevin and Amy have been extremely helpful in helping me with a problem I was having for a glotank that I bought for my son where the fish were dying immediately. My son was upset and I was perplexed on what was going wrong. It was a combo of the filter being too big that was sold with the tank (manufacturer error/misstep), the ammonia level and a few other factors, but nevertheless from JB explaining from a-z what to do in person and being extremely patient, to Kevin helping me and replying through email on his day off (holiday) to arranging Amy to help to my wife test and reset the tank from scratch and troubleshooting. MAJOR KUDOS to the entire staff at this location!!! My family appreciates your service!

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