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I went to Rogers yesteday 6/20...

I went to Rogers yesteday 6/20/2011 with my 6 year old daughter. While we shopped for treats and bedding for our dogs, my daughter said " Look Mommy, a puppy ! " I went over to see the puppy, and there was a cute little dog in a cage. A man came over and said to my daughter " Dont touch her" then grabbed the dog Sassy by her collar and picked her up in the air. Held her there, while Sassy dangled as she was strangled by this rough treatment. My daughteer was saying " Mommy LOOOOK ! " She was so upset by this. I said to the man " Om My her neck...stop !" The I said "in front of my daughter? " He ignored our plees to put the dog down. I went straight to the front desk to complain about what we wittnessed in the back room. The man at the front desk replied " Thats the owner...its ok "

Seriously ? I am going to call the veterinarian association on him. I am going to pray that the dog Sassy, that dangled like a dead dog, has better treatment in the future. I will never support this man, or his buisiness.

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