Coastline Pet supply

We understand how much it means to bring your pet with you to the Oregon Coast. We feel that same way about our pets! That’s why the Fireside Motel has made it a priority to accommodate the pets of our guests.

Up to two well-behaved and well-groomed pets are welcome in selected rooms at a charge of $14 per pet, per night (2 pet maximum).

Why is Fireside Motel a great place to vacation with your pet?

There is a wonderful trail along the dramatic rocky Central Oregon coastline where you may walk your pet (leashes are required) and enjoy the spectacular scenery at the same time. Following this trail about ¾ mile north will bring you to 7 miles of sandy beach – pet paradise!

Our property also includes a large wooded area on the Southeast side of the Fireside Motel where you may walk your pet and get their wiggles out.

We also provide a Pet Package for our pet guests including towels, sheets and pooper-scoopers.

Pet Policy:

To ensure that you, your pet and all of our guests have a positive stay, we request that you follow our Pet Policy outlined below. Following the Pet Policy will help the Fireside Motel remain pet friendly and allow us to accommodate all of our guests’ needs.

  • Always accompany your pet and have it on a leash when outside.
  • Never leave your pet alone in your room or vehicle.
  • Use the towels provided in the Pet Package to wipe your pet off after a walk on the beach, or if your pet becomes wet and/or dirty.
  • Use the sheets provided in the Pet Package to cover furnishings your pet may lie on.
  • Always use pooper-scoopers provided.
  • Ask at the Front Desk if you need additional supplies.

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