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137 Plaistow Rd
Plaistow, NH 03865
(603) 382-6873

We love State Line Pet and bring in our boy Oliver almost weekly! The employees are always very friendly and even know our dog by name. The dog selection is great and the prices are even better. We had a guinea pig who passed away a few months ago and brought his unopened food and shavings to return them. They had no problem taking the supplies back without a receipt as they were unopened and still had the State Line price label. When asked why we were returning it, we mentioned that our guinea pig passed away and they offered their condolences. A week or two later, we received a sympathy card from State Line apologizing for our loss. I was so touched! Thank you, State Line Pet! Also, the store is a great place to socialize your dog as usually three or four dogs are there at a time.

If you buy something here and lose the receipt, don't expect store credit. When you bring the item back to the store, you will get same day credit. I don't care for that deal especially being a rewards member. This recently took place for me and I had a $60 bag of food I had to return because the dogs got sick. I saw them place that bag back on the shelf which was odd. It should have been returned to the supplier and flagged. Instead, we got a known brand bag of food which will be a gift to someone we know with a dog. The prices are high here and even though there is a lot of inventory there isn't a lot of typical food treats or toys. Seems to be the same product line. We have been here many times in the past but after this last hassle, we will not be back. I told them exactly when I bought the food and also told them both our dogs became ill with it. We had bought two bags and the other ended in the trash because they would not refund a bag that had been opened, no matter what the reason. There are plenty of other big retailers in the area we will go to instead or simply continue to order online elsewhere. This was a nice stop but not anymore.

We are semi-regulars here, even before they moved to their new location. Don't come as often since joining a private food buying group, but before then we bought all our dog food there. We are pretty selective about what we feed our dogs, and do a mix of raw and kibble. With regard to the latter, we rotate brands/protein sources for lots of variety, several of which State Line doesn't stock. But they've always been good about doing special orders, providing the distributors they use carry the product. And they can usually get it within a few days, depending on what their order day is with a particular distributor. Just be sure to plan ahead so you're not down to your last cup of kibble. Besides food, we get dog toys, Lupine collars and leashes (a great NH company with lifetime guarantee even if chewed), wild bird supplies, and our niece recently redecorated her big fish tank with accent pieces she hasn't seen at home near Toronto. State Line also has their own line of dog treats. Though we generally do grain free, we stretch the rules with treats and our dogs enjoy the blueberry biscuits. They do have the rewards program, but as people have mentioned food purchases don't go towards your points. Not a limitation for us since we buy very little food there, but we still get our bonus rewards at least a couple times a year, $10 off coupon on your next $50 purchase, and can't be used on food. They have reduced the valid time frame for the coupons though. I think it was about a month, now you have to use it within about two weeks. We do like to support an independent pet supply business, particularly one that doesn't sell animals of any species. Not even fish. Being involved in rescue, that's pretty important to us. The prices are very good and the staff is generally friendly, but the young people they hire on really know very little about the products they sell. Don't expect to get much, if any, advice about the pros and cons of different foods. Or what even makes a good food versus a questionable one. You still have to educate yourself and read the labels.

Love this place. Can't beat the sales and the wide variety of dog food. This store is so big there is no way one can't find what they're looking for. And I'm sure if you asked the store could stick whatever food your animal needs.

Best prices. Even popular online stores charge $7 more per case for my cats canned food. That's a lot when I'm having to buy 4-5 cases per month. Great staff. They always assist me when I call asking for them to put the food aside. I know that they are busy but they always take care of me. The fact that this is a local business is important to me too. The fact that on all of the toys, food and other items that we buy for our dog and two cats are so much less expensive, obviously that is important to me too. I highly recommend this store.

Great prices, great selection of dog toys and all kinds of pet stuff actually. After going here I avoid the 'box pet stores' entirely. the prices are truly the best i've seen anywhere - period. Only draw back is I don't go near Plaistow, NH a lot so my visits there are few. If you're in the area - definitely work stopping in!

I like it here even though I don't usually go here for some reason. They do not carry live pets. They have good deals on cat litter and dog/cat foods and many brands to choose from. The staff are friendly and there is plenty of parking and no line to wait in. They usually have a coupon in the Carriage Town news and other local coupon mailings for $5.00 off a $20.00 purchase. but the catch is you cannot us it in conjunction with any other coupons like the $9.99 cat litter coupon (which I love!) I gotta start coming here more often once the construction all around this place is done.

I love this place as does my Rocky. Employees are always willing to help even when its just cleaning up a little piddle. Deals on food is good. However toy deals could be so much better. Go down the street to TJ Maxx and pay on average $10 less per toy.

This store doesn't sell pets; only supplies. They have a large selection of food, treats, cages/habitats, and other accessories. As other people have also said, the prices are very inexpensive compared to other pet stores. I wish I found them sooner. I would recommend giving this store a try to see how much you can save on the same products offered at other pet stores.

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