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Most online pet stores are big-buck re-sellers, who buy warehouses full of products from someone else and re-sell them to you for a hefty profit.
That's not who we are.

We Make Our Own Stuff
We’ve been making our own products for years. Why does that matter? We stand behind our products! As a result, our customers have given us over 100, 000 5-star reviews.

A Family of Pet Owners
We're pet owners first and business owners second. We know that a pet is a family member, and that means they should be cared for, trained, and pampered with the best pet supplies out there.

No Big Markups
We care about your pet first, not your money. That’s our motto... Our goal is to provide you with our “Best Value.” Excellent quality at an affordable price with the best possible service. That’s why our products typically cost of bit less than the other guys.

We Want to Help You, Not 'Sell You'
Think of us as your personal shoppers. We won't be content till you are 100% satisfied with all your purchases. If you bring it home and it isn't perfect, we'll send you a new one immediately, no questions asked! We stand behind our returns policy.

Free Shipping & No Minimum*
We don't think you should be paying extra just to get the darn things shipped to you. If that means we foot the bill, so be it!

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