PEMF and the health of your horse

Horse health is the main indicator of success and victories in equestrian sports. For the animal to feel good, the right equipment must be used, such as safety stirrups, safety vests, magnetic insoles, PEMF devices and magnetic rugs.

One of the most common techniques in equestrian practice is electromagnetic therapy. Physiotherapy is a truly powerful tool that can radically change the course of recovery and rehabilitation, and significantly increase the horse's performance.

A horse blanket is usually used to treat horses with this physiotherapy method. Such an adapted "device" is quite easy to use. All horses are familiar with the blanket, which avoids the "new object" effect, the blanket does not emit frightening sounds, does not cause pain. As for the physical basis of the action of the magnetic field on the body, it consists in the transformation of the electromagnetic energy of the field into the mechanical energy of charged particles. Influencing the charged particles moving in the body, the magnetic field affects the physicochemical and biochemical processes, and the heat generated inside the tissues changes the course of redox and enzymatic processes.

Under the influence of magnetic fields, large molecules develop a charge, and their magnetic susceptibility also changes. This leads to the fact that the magnetic field causes orientation and concentration changes in biologically active macromolecules, which is reflected in the rate of biophysical processes.

Under the action of magnetic fields, an increase in ionic activity in tissues occurs, which is a prerequisite for stimulating cellular metabolism.

In the mechanism of the therapeutic effect of the magnetic field, central and peripheral neuroendocrine mechanisms of regulation of the whole organism, restructuring in immunological reactivity and microcirculation processes play a role. Therapeutic effects of magnetotherapy: anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, local trophic, coagulation-regulating, stimulating regeneration processes.

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