The Importance of Cat Care

You need to take care of your pets as well as yourself so that they feel comfortable. This is especially true for such fluffy pets as the  Himalayan Persian Cat.

It is necessary to carefully comb the wool every day or at least every other day, otherwise the pet will begin to roll down tangles, which are very difficult to clean.

They may also often have watery eyes, so they need to be regularly wiped with cotton wool soaked in warm water.

Bathing pets is also necessary, bathing helps to wash off sebaceous secretions so that the wool looks well-groomed. The Himalayan Persian cat is calm about this procedure.

Remember that the Himalayan Persian cat is prone to obesity - therefore it is very important to monitor its diet: it is necessary to dilute dry and wet feeds with homemade food.

Image by Aleksandr Tarlõkov from Pixabay

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