Pet food Express

A few weeks ago two Pit Bulls were running loose in the Pet Food Express corporate office parking lot. One of our owners, who happened to see the dogs through his office window, went out to bring them into the safety of our lobby. In the past we have had a number of lost dogs find their way to our lobby so VIP Petcare has provide us with a microchip reader. The dogs, a male and a female, were very social. We were surprised to find that only the male had a microchip because they seemed like a bonded pair. We called the VIP Petcare Helpdesk and provided them the chip number. They were able to give us the dog’s name (Toro) and let us know that they would be in touch with his owner. Within 10 minutes Toro’s dad called to arrange to come by to pick him up. He mentioned that Toro had been making friends with the female through the fence and must have found a way out to follow her.

When we are not able to locate an owner for a dog our only option is to call animal services. Unfortunately in the Oakland area we have a high population of pit bulls and their chances in shelters are lower than that of other breeds. Before we called animal services to pick up the female our Director of Community Relations wanted to speak with Toro’s dad to see if he might be willing to sign on as a foster. After seeing the dogs together he agreed that if the female was not claimed by an owner or adopted after the holding period, he would foster her.

This situation proved how important it is to microchip your pet. Not only did it reunite an owner with his pet within a few hours; it also helped save the life of a dog who might have not made it out of a shelter.

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