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Pet Food Express: Self-Service Pet Wash

Ich arbeite in Teilzeit bei Pet Food Express (mehr als ein Jahr)


The company is great because everyone here pretty much cares about the health and benefits of pets. We have to constantly learn about the products and are trained well enough to speak to customers about our product recommendations and diagnose the problem the customer's pet is facing. We often have to do our PT sheets and perform role-plays, so it is a constant learning environment in building a good experience for customers in the stores. We get to go to new hire for a whole week and learn more pets. I will do this all over again because it has given me loads of self-confidence talking to customers and convincing them, sharing our knowledge with the customers and helping think about their pets healthy choices and lifestyles.


Well the bad side is, we don't get paid enough at this job. There is lots of work to do. We have lots of shipment that comes in our store. We have 1 big shipment from warehouse, mini shipments throughout the week. But we team-oriented, so we all help each other out. The only thing is I wished we had more help during the bigger shipment days. Our store is only 1 manager and 1 sales associate in the mornings before we had at least 2 sales associates.

The next thing is petwash. We have to constantly clean especially during summer and on weekends when it gets busy. It's a total madhouse in there, but its not so bad until customers take forever even after we close they are still there and they keep blowing out more fur off their dogs and also fleas, lots of fleas... shivers..

We had a new store manager for the past couple of months and in the beginning he was awesome, then he started being really nick picky about every littler thing and started yelling... Not a fan of him yelling because it is a freaking retail job and hes making all of us really nervous and afraid to mess up and even talk to him when we have a problem.

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