Pet food Express berkeley

Pet Food Express Berkeley West - Berkeley, CA - Pet Supplies
1101 University Ave
Berkeley, CA 94702

(510) 540-7777

Great store for a chain. Always clean and very well stocked with a wide variety of dry and wet food and treats for cats and dogs. Lots of cool toys - from stuffed ones to frisbees and balls and bones. And the easiest way to bathe my dog who I cannot lift into my bathtub. They have buy 3 get the 4th free on similar items so it is worth it to stock up on treats, food, toys and even bath tokens. The only thing I've found that doesn't work that way are poop bags.

The absolutely rudest staff I've experienced in a long time. I have been a Pet Food Express customer for years and I have had great experiences at every other location. The staff here were rude, seemed not at all interested in helping, and when I mentioned I would go to another Pet Food Express for business, they're response was "Yep, sounds good!" I recommend going to a different location if you want help or any level of kindness!

I like the dog bathing setup they have here. The raised baths save my back. My dogs appreciate having warm water, instead of the cold water in the hose out in the yard. I don't have to worry about dog hair clogging the pipes, either. The employees are fairly knowledgeable about the products sold there, and if they don't know something they will look up more information for me.

I am fairly new to this particular store, however my dog Teddy and I absolutely love coming here! From the warm welcoming staff who are extremely knowledgeable and more than willing to help accommodate you and your pets needs to the sparkling clean self serve dog washing station with fresh towels, varieties of shampoos/conditioners and settings complete with treats I am so happy to have found a store where I don't feel manipulated into unnecessary purchases

Love this place. When in thinking that they had puppies and kitties but they don't. They do have an express cleaning or pet wash like a car wash. Where you can express wash your pet and get them an organic threat at the same time. Cool store and very convenient

I've been coming here for a few years now and I am always struck at how consistently friendly and outgoing the staff is. Seems like a really well-run business. They have a nice selection of items and the self-serve dog wash is great.

I cannot get enough of Pet Food Express!! I explain it to my friends as "Whole Foods for Pets" - all of their food is grain free, of the highest quality. I also love their prices; the prices are comparable to if you bought on Amazon and definitely better than Petsmart/PetCo food prices. Their employees are all so nice, helpful, and knowledgeable at every location! I highly recommend the Nulo cat food - my cat's coat is shinier and softer by the week.

This store is very convenient and the staff is friendly. Parking is free in the lot and I can always find what I am looking for.

This is my favorite pet food express in all of the Eastbay. I love the stores and have you used them for years for my personal dogs and my client Dogs. Why do I love the store so much? Because the staff is so friendly, helpful and good hearted I was there last night after a very long five hour dentist appointment and I was fairly stressed out because my dogs had not eaten dinner and they had been in the car waiting for me with a few short breaks. The two women working there last night - (I really wish I had gotten their names ) saw that I was wet, tired and a bit stressed and literally came to my rescue. One of them shopped for me and the other just showed an enormous compassion for my dogs and I. It's people like this that make a business great. One of the women has short dark hair and happen to be wearing really cool dark lipstick and the other had medium length dirty blonde hair and lives on a farm or ranch ! I want to thank them both personally from the bottom of my heart for being such good service people and even better human beings! I hope the owner of the company sees this review and rewards them both in some special way

Maya is wonderful & personable. Thank you for your uncanny sense of knowing the customers wants/ needs before they even ask anything. Thank you Ms. Short & Seeet Maya.

These folks are great. Super nice and knowledgeable about their business. They've gone out of their way to assist me when I've needed advice or last minute food/treats for my cats. Reasonable prices and nice variety. That's not to say that there have not been occasional hiccups with orders that got delayed or misplaced or what not. That's what happens in business I suppose but they've always made it right whether it was their fault or not.

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