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Pug Rescue of Sacramento planning party for local boy with autism. (June 5, 2017)

Chris Thomas, KXTV

The folks at the Pug Rescue of Sacramento are planning to go to party for a local boy who has autism. It's being called Hayden's EPIC Pug Party! Rebecca Kale from the Pug Rescue of Sacramento says Hayden's mom posted the invite on Facebook, and it has gotten a lot of attention.

"Yes, it has. She put it out on Facebook in a couple different groups and there are people coming from Oregon, " said Kale. "People are driving all the way from Oregon to come to this. It's so amazing to be able to be part of an organization that rallies around people in the community, and pug people are amazing people. There is a whole pug movement."

All "Pug People" are invited to Pet Food Express at The Fountains in Roseville on June 17. Hayden is turning 12 years old.

"A lot of times these kids with autism don't have friends and they don't have the same social lives that other kids have, " said Kale. "He's never had a birthday party with friends. The pugs are his friends, and that's why he wants a pug party. He wants his first birthday party to be with pugs."

Kale says people are expected to bring hundreds to surprise Hayden.

"Oh my gosh. The last count we had it was like 250 pugs, " said Kale. "And typically pug people have more than one pug. When you have more than one pug it's called a grumble. We are hoping for the biggest grumble ever."

We caught up with Hayden's Mom, Cierra Baumunk. She has a special message for the local community.

"I don't even have words to express how blessed I melts my heart, " said Baumunk. "I knew we lived in a great community, but I didn't know it was this big. I had no idea."

Hayden's EPIC Pug Party is Saturday, June 17 from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. at Pet Food Express Roseville on Galleria Boulevard.

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